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A Little Gold Coast Girl with a Dream

If you had of told me 3 weeks ago I would be sitting here in my new retail store writing a blog about my new bricks and mortar store, I would have laughed in your face and said you were cray cray!

That's right folks, 3 weeks ago to the day, I was teaching performing arts at a primary school and not loving it. (That being said, I'm high school trained but stepped down from my Head of Arts role in Brisbane after I had Stormy and wanted something part-time). I taught 17 performing arts classes in 4 days with little time to scratch myself or even get a cup of tea. As you can imagine, it was not the blissful return to the workforce I was hoping for after the wild ride of motherhood! Mix in every single day care sickness known to man, and more sick days than I have taken my whole career in one term - it was time for a change of scenery.

My mum (aka BEVERAGE) and I were discussing what's next and I said "what if I happened to open a baby collective store near home". She said well - look into it and I hung up. To be honest I've had more jobs than anyone I've ever known (my choice), so I am sure Beverage thought - she's off on another one of her tangents! I then went inside Benowa Gardens to the chemist after dropping Stormy boy to day care, to grab another pack of cold and flu tablets and noticed a vacant little florist shop right when I walked in. I rang the number and they said I probably wouldn't want as it had a weird layout... I WANTED IT! and three weeks later - here I am.

When I was a little girl, I used to create menus when my mum and dad's friends came over and beg them to shop from my store! It always pissed me off when my dad would order a can of beer off the menu and I would say "but Dad that's not on the menu" and he'd say come on darling! haha

I kept saying to everyone I knew, if I could just find a job I loved where I could use all my skills from ALL my crazy careers I've had over the years. Marketing, sales, events, design, presenting, teaching, writing, singing, producing!!!! Nothing was ever quiet right and I was most happy teaching high school performing arts but with a baby after school extra curricular was not on the cards for a while.

My online business has been slow and steady after launching Stormy & Me in February this year and I have started stocking my brand in two collective spaces (Rent that Rack Collective in Australia Fair & Carra Lee Collective in Burleigh). I was realising very quickly, I was selling stock faster than I could order it and thought maybe it was time to expand! I also knew I wanted to support other Gold Coast Small businesses who were starting out just like me. So I asked 8 beautiful women who owned Goldy/Brissy companies to come on board with me in this beautiful collective space and the rest is history! They include: Wall paper lane, Taj & Tommy, Habitat Candle Co, The Bundle Co, From Day Dot, I'm Tiny & Fierce, Mothers Mylk & Baby Jones Designs.

I knew I would love decorating a pretty space of my own and the joy of being my own boss. I came close to signing a lease once before, for a performing arts studio (may still be on the cards) but THANK GOD I didn't as it was the November before Covid hit the world and the timing wouldn't have been a disaster.

I was listening to the radio this morning and 90.9 SeaFM was interviewing the gorgeous Ashy Bines, whom I have followed for years on socials. She was discussing how trolls were commenting on her time away from her kids and how she believes: we deserve to have lives, careers, friends and outings without our children! I would have to say, I 100% agree with her. I am inspired by woman that have children that continue to bless the world with their talents. The likes of Ashy Bines (Massive Fitness and Active wear Empire), Cass Deller (Case Deller Design), Carra Bolard (Carra Lee Collective) Liz Cantor (TV Personality) , Jamee Doherty (Founder A Beauty), Carrie Bickmore (Presenter Radio & Television) and Erin Molan (Journalist/Presenter) just to name a few inspiring woman who are kicking serious career goals whilst being AMAZING mothers. We can do it all - we are the queens of multi-tasking!!!! Well at least I am!

WHY CAN'T WE HAVE IT ALL? People open your eyes... it ain't the 50's - we aren't programmed anymore to stay home, whilst cooking and cleaning. If you like doing that and it's your jam (GO YOU GIRLFRIEND AND POWER TO YOU!) but in this day in age - we can hire cleaners and get Youfoodz delivered! We need time to find ourselves again after having a baby living inside our bodies for 9 months. The whole ordeal was a bloody shock to the system and I laugh now about the hard times, but whilst your living in that moment, there are times where it feels like your world is falling apart. It's the HARDEST JOB in the world some days - yes rewarding and we wouldn't change it for the world but it's hard FARKING work!!!!!! Feeding a baby all through the night is an expectation we unfortunately don't get to choose as mums - as no-one but us can do it (unless you've discovered the wonderfulness of formula and if so - enjoy those moments of shut eye).

Today is my 5th day working at my own store and quite frankly it feels like a trip to the Bahamas! It's the first time I have sat down and had some me time in what feels like a year - I actually had time today to write this blog. Being a teacher is a rewarding don't get me wrong BUT... it's a very tough gig. Lot's of noise, deadlines, demands, behaviours, emotions, and life changing moments.

So I remind you ladies and gents! Support small business today - support woman in general but especially women who have careers and are making a go of it. Enough of this trolling and comments like "well I have children, so I can't work". I am here to tell you: Your kids will still love you ESPECIALLY if you are doing what you love, in fact they will love you more as you will be happy and not burnt out.

I am living proof you can make shit happen with a baby...take some calculated risks, fill up your cup and you will find your Bliss. Don't settle for a job you hate - there are better ones and if you can't find it... make your own job! There is no rush but don't watch your life go by, feeling trapped and alone!

Bliss xx Ps… if you can relate show me some love❤️ PPS... If you are gold coaster, come and visit me - so I can have a toilet break haha!

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