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Yes we have a baby Yes it’s all about him now Yes my life is different Yes I know it’s not meant to be easy

BUT I loved my old life and it doesn’t mean I have to lose everything, my social life, my freedom, my identity, my body, my energy and my creativity

Stormy & Me is my little business venture that has allowed me to reclaim my creative flow and identity. I’m a performer, educator, social butterfly, energizer and hugely creative but now I am stuck in the cycle of feed, play, sleep. What is my awake time!! When do I get to wake up from this shit show!

As a new mum… I started reflecting on when I actually feed, play and sleep myself? As ridiculous as that sounds… we want the best for our babies but what’s best for us? WE matter too...What do we look forward to as new mums now? A trip to the grocery store on a Saturday night without the pram and baby? Oh lucky me…

And before I get some Karen coming at me with the negativity about my first world problems! Please know that I AM SO GRATEFUL for my life and my son - but this blog ain’t about grateful it’s about me and the honest truth about motherhood and being a woman.

Stormy & Me is a way for me to create and share my love of Stormy, fashion, and creativity. To be an entrepreneur is something I’ve always knew was coming . Life in my eyes is always about timing… the stars aligning and following my Bliss. I once went to a PD conference when I was working as a teacher and this amazing lady talked about following your Bliss. In her seminar Bliss was your happy place, what makes you feel good, drives you, a passion and your place of flow. We all laughed every time she said my name and the phrase "Get inside your Bliss". But it has stuck with me forever… follow your Bliss - when something is screaming inside of you…passion or intuition, the gut feeling you are exactly where you need to be or maybe you need to get out - LISTEN, oh god listen? Do you want to be 60 and in the same job for 20 years that you hate. HELL NO, I want to be 60, wearing bright colourful clothing, with blonde hair, full of love and creativity. **Again KAREN! If you love your job and are happy where you are then keep scrolling this blog ain’t for you but 70% of people are miserable in what they choose to do (stats get thrown around all the time - so who bloody knows what the latest are these days). Mum life is hard and most of these blogs will go into detail about my struggles early on and what I can laugh or write about now once I got over the PSTD that came from the birthing experience. But the other part of my blogs will be my creative entrepreneur side. Why do we have to FEAR going back to work... to inevitably pay someone else most of our pay checks to look after our children. BECAUSE... "it’s too hard", "I’m not good enough to start my own business", "there's no time", "I'm a mum now" "we need the money", - whatever your excuse is for not setting your soul on fire, I’m here to tell you that it's BULLSHIT. Stop procrastinating your life with excuses for never doing what truly makes you happy because you have to pay BILLS. In 2022 we can start businesses that don't have large start up costs and that thrive in an online market. I often tell the students I teach that so many of them don't know what they want to do with their lives because they will most likely be entrepreneurs with jobs that don't yet exist. HOW COOL... we can be the makers of our own destiny.

This blog is not just for mums... this is for everyone. Let me ask you - are you bitter when you see other people doing well? Are you happy and satisfied in your job or do you envy people in higher positions above you? Do you wake up every day and think I don’t want to go to work today? Do you look at the clock every hour and count the time? IT DOESN’T have to be like this.

When I was in high school one of my English teachers said I need to work on my formal writing and that I just wrote like people speak. I’m here to tell her and anyone else who thinks they can’t do something - PROVE THEM WRONG. I’m now a published playwright and have written 7 other plays that are ready for publication. If you told me in high school I would be a published writer I would have laughed in your face - I’ve done it all, acting, performing, singing, corporate jobs, teaching, event management, sales, television, heck I’ve played tennis overseas but I said YES and followed my Bliss. My destiny took me in all different directions and thank god it did as it lead me to launch Stormy & Me.

So mamas sitting at home or on your nursery chairs scrolling endlessly and reading this. Forget for two seconds about your baby in front of you that won't sleep and think about what sets your soul on fire.

What makes you feel good?and for the next week, I just want you to think it about it during the morning feed everyday.

- Imagine a perfect life with you, your baby, your partner (if they are great) and your house... - What would flexibility and balance look like for you?

- Can you picture something? (oh god I hope you can) - Write ideas/thoughts in the notes section on your phone - titled FOLLOW YOUR BLISS. Surely there is another mama out there who also agrees with me that there is more to life then maternity leave and returning to work... miserable, tired and wishing the day away... so you can come home to cook, clean and look after your baby (who at this point has probably gotten sick from daycare). We need to start LIVING GALS! Mamas we are going to change the world… one feed at a time, it all starts with those rough little notes on your phone... I am living proof you can make shit happen with a baby... take it slow and you will find your Bliss. There is no rush but remember we don't want to be 60 living a life we don't love! Bliss xx Ps… this was terrifying to write! So if you actually read it and can relate show me some love❤️ Pps... Recipes are coming soon too!

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