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Synopsis: Sarah comes from foster care and struggles to stay in one place for enough time to make friends.  The powers of social media allows her to create a life that seems perfect from the outside.  Becky learns the hard way that being horrible gets you nowhere in highschool when her best friend starts dating her boyfriend.  Becky's enemies in school turn against her and stand with Sarah to fight back once and for all.  This play is perfect for an all female cast and a female playing Jarrod will only add to the humour.  The perfect mix of bitchy fun, lessons to be learnt, comedy and relatable language. 

Be Kind By Bliss Coster

    • Realism Style
    • One Act 
    • Full Running time 45 mins 
    • Teacher copy available as a PDF download 
    • Good monologues and two/three actor scenes 
    • Perfect for grades 8-12
    • Mature themes, mild language
    • For a hardcopy class sets please select courier postage or email to request an invoice. 
    • Playwright happy for names, suburbs and references to be adapted for your geographical location.
    • Please refer to copyright/printing information on page 2 of the script.
  • 17 Characters - 16 females & 1 Male (teachers and foster parents could be played by males)


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