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Synopsis: Romeo meets Jules in modern day at Burleigh Pavillion, with beautiful, hilarious rhymes to replace the old shakespearean language. Think the window scene with a barking dog, bushes and some hilarious text messages.  This is a modern take on a classic and will for sure keep your audience entertained.   There is great use of chorus, spotlight monologues, dancing & singing - this script really has it all.  Modern day jokes and even an appearance from DJ Cally and Scomo.  

Hilarious and witty, a modern day take on Romeo & Juliet.  Excellent for a year 9-12 drama whole class play, drama club, extra curricular or any senior drama class - especially Drama in Practice 11 & 12. 

Romeo & Juliet in Modern Day by Bliss Coster

    • Contemporary Theatre & Realism Style with Chorus
    • One Act Play
    • Full Running time 1 hr 10 mins
    • Good monologues and two actor scenes 
    • Perfect for grades 9 -12 
    • Mature themes, adult content, mild language
    • Can be performed by an all male cast or all female cast (this just adds to the humor).  
    • Can be ordered as a class set please select courier shipping or email for an invoice:
    • Playwright happy for names, suburbs and references to be adapted for your geographical location.  
    • Please refer to copyright/printing information on page 2 of the script.  
  • Characters 21 + Chorus (Students can play multiple role) 
    12 Males, 4 Females, 5 Gender Neutral 


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