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Based on true events, choices follows a group of teenagers trying to navigate their last year of high school. Choices is a story of betrayal, friendship, honesty, hardship, loss and love. Soph is shocked to find out her boyfriend James has cheated with her best friend Beth. Harry who is best mates with James has gone down the wrong path and is taking everyone down with him. Sam whilst going through his own struggle with his alcoholic father is a saviour to Soph. High school is defined by a series of choices – who will make the right choice. They are exposed to a series of choices that will significantly alter the course of their lives. Who will make it out alive?

Watch Youtube live performance:  Choices at 2019 Gold Coast Secondary Drama Festival 

Choices by Bliss Coster

    • Realism Style
    • One Act 
    • Full Running time 50 mins 
    • Good monologues and two actor scenes 
    • Perfect for grades 10-12 
    • Music available upon request
    • Mature themes, adult content, mild language
    • Can be ordered as a class set please select courier shipping or email for an invoice:
    • Playwright happy for names, suburbs and references to be adapted for your geographical location.  
    • Please refer to copyright/printing information on page 2 of the script.  
  • 16 Characters - Female 7 & Male 9


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