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This new Australian Gothic Realism text follows a group of teenagers trying to discover the secrets that live beneath the town of Port.

Port is an eerie landscape, full of creepy townsfolk, rumours and unsolved mysteries.
Outer banks meets the outsider, in this mysterious new text.
Uncover all of the secrets living underground.
What lies beneath?

Hard copy play text. 
*Class sets available in stock now. 

Underground by Bliss Coster

    • Australian Gothic Style 
    • One Act 
    • Full Running time 40 mins 
    • Perfect for grades 7-10
    • Mature themes 
    • For a hardcopy class set order, please email for an invoice or purchase directly in your order:
    • Playwright happy for names, suburbs and references to be adapted for your geographical location.
    • If you love it then please refer to copyright/printing information on page 2 of the script.
  • 8 Characters - 3 females & 6 Males plus Chorus 


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